Saturday, February 10, 2007

Packing flowers

After two months of wearing snow boots, today I wore flipflops around the house getting my feet accustomed to them again. In a few days I'm off to Mexico for a couple of weeks. Normally on the day I fly out, I've been up half the night before trying on clothes to see if they fit and then frantically stuffing things into my suitcase. This year I decided to pack a few days in advance. What a concept!
I've been leisurely hauling the "Mexico stuff" up from the cedar closet in the basement and deciding what size I am this year. I have a whole range of sizes and patterns to choose from. I hardly ever wear a floral print at home, but I'm not staying home. I get a kick out of dressing like a typical tourist. It's almost like going to a costume party and I actually have worn some of these clothes as costumes at Halloween. Of course, you won't find clothing like this in a Mexican department store. Most Mexican women dress like "norteamericanas" - they wouldn't be caught dead in this apparel. I'm perfectly happy to join the throngs of those who look like tourists, because I am one! And there's something about being surrounded by all the tropical colors - flaming bouganvilliea cascading over sun splashed walls, red and orange and yellow hibiscus, a canopy of yellow primavera overhead - that makes my usual blue jeans and boring white blouses a sacrilege.

The hard part is figuring out how to pare down the packing. I know there are women who throw on their Travelsmith reversible dress and hit Europe for two weeks with only an overnighter to haul around, but I can't conceive of that. On the other hand, do I need 8 pairs of capris for a 16 day trip? I don't know, I can't decide. Will 6 pairs of shoes be enough, or too much? After I return home each year I make an attempt to write down what I wore so I'll have guidelines for the next time. Each year I misplace the list. Well, I have a few days to decide, rather than the normal few hours I've given myself in the past. What isn't negotiable are the 6 or 8 novels I'll bring, a couple of bird guides, and my binoculars. That must be what's weighing down my suitcase, not all those flowery clothes!


Carol Michel said...

Don't forget your camera! We are expecting a full report, with pictures, upon your return!

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Have a wonderful time! We always pack too much but how can we know what we'll need until we get there? :-)

Mary said...

I always overpack because I dress according to my mood. Those floral prints look so lighthearted and warm - perfect for your vacation getaway! I'd pack the same! There is nothing wrong with feeling and looking like a tourist. Enjoy!

Melissa said...

If you want my opinion I usually go for 3's so 3 pairs shoes, 3 pants, 3 skirts, and try to make everything mix match with 3 middle ground tops and then a little something for if it's cooler or warmer that would go with anything. I usually bring one nice dress for a nice occasion. So the shoes would be walking, nicer comfy, and flip flops. My exception is sock and underwear, then I go for around 7-8 for a full week and then a wash day in there somewhere.
LOL I've done the whole "brought too much" and I think it's better to err on the side of less because you are always tempted to buy something cute you can't resist! LOL And of coarse then you want to wear that instead of what you brought.
Have fun!

Giddy said...

Relax, have fun and bring back lots of photos of warm weather and green plants so we have something to look forward to!

LostRoses said...

Carol, never fear! I finally got a 1-gig sd card for the digital, so I'm loaded for bear!

Apple, my sentiments exactly! What if I need it and it's home in the closet?

Mary, even though I'll try to pare down I don't think I'll be too successful. Heck, the world if full of overpackers!

Melissa, I like your system! Presuming it's for a one week vacation, then I shouldn't be too far off the mark for 16 days. I've tried the hotel laundry service down there in the past, the only problem is they have one heat setting on their dryer - high! So I pretty much need to rely on having enough stuff to begin with.

Giddy, the lush greenery is always something I look forward to, and it's not even their prime growing season! I can't imagine what it looks like in the summer but that's something I'll never find out since I have a definite aversion to heat and humidity!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I hope you have a wonderful time and bring back pictures to share. I'm with you on the books and bins!

i know this sounds like a weird compliment, but you have pretty toes!

Leann said...

let me help you dear.after my back said "Hey what the heck do you think Iam a pack mule"?I learned to pack fast and wise.take one pair of shoes that go with every thing.but they must be OOO they are so cute but kill my feet shoes!!!and take enough clothes in case you cant wash them.but if your clean you can always wear them two times.good Lord your not farming or sweating them up.I do it if I didnt sweat.or didnt have them on all day.and let me tell you a little secret.dress like every one else does.cause in mexico poeple like to take rich americans and hold them for try to look like everyone else.dont look like an american.and dont go off by your self.
if you can wash clothes then only take along enough for half the will save your back and be less to drag along.use small bottles of stuff.or get it there.pack only what you need.the airports are wierd now so I dont even know what you can take or cant take. you may need to call and ask.have a great time and please be careful its another country and not a real nice one at that.God bless, Ill keep you in my prayers.

LostRoses said...

Lynne, you're so funny! But hey, I'm going to be in sandals, so thought I'd better do them up pretty! A sad note, I can't find my Mexico bird book. I've looked everywhere! Wonder if I left it there last time?

Leann, Like all good advice, I have a hard time following it! I know I should be sensible about the packing but it is difficult. The good thing is, even though I can't seem to pare down the shoes, not a one of them hurts my feet!

I feel pretty comfortable in the resort town I've been going to every year for the past twenty or so, but as always, it's good to exercise caution. Thanks for your well wishes!

Oh, and thank heaven for suitcases with wheels!

Annie in Austin said...

Lost Roses, I'm glad you're not gone yet - have a wonderful time, and Lynne said what I was thinking - nice toes!

They may not be as practical, but the flowery dresses look like fun! Sort of like costumes for your character who is going to Mexico to star in a romantic movie of your life. When you wear them, do you look more like the John William Waterhouse picture in your profile?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

LostRoses said...

Thanks, Annie! And as to your question - only in my mind!

Mary said...

I agree with Lynne and others. My first thought when I read this post was, "she sure has pretty feet"!

Kati said...

Oh, thank goodness other people have my problem too. I remember, vaguely, being able to take an overnight bag through Europe in my youth. Now, I always overpack! Help. I've been worrying about my coming trip to Ethiopia. I imagine laundry facilities will be the most old-fashioned method: hand-washing! And, yes, I agree, you do have pretty feet,

LostRoses said...

Mary, I just finished packing. I'm going to have SORE feet lugging that suitcase!

Kati, I think when I was younger we never took long vacations, so how much stuff could we need! Wow, Ethiopia! That should be quite a trip. Yes, I'd pack the soap powder!

Diana LaMarre said...

Oh, what fun! I love the flowery dresses. I say take as much as you can possibly carry because you just may need it.

Have a great time!

Can't wait to see the vacation pics.

Boxwood Cottage said...

LOL 16 pairs of shoes are definitely too much! What beautiful and colorful clothes! And your feet are looking impeccable!