Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My daughter thinks I'm pathetic for neglecting my garden blog. I agree. So at the risk of not getting 8 hours of sleep tonight (when does that happen?) I'll attempt to redeem myself and post a few photos. We've had an amazing amount of rain in June - almost 4 inches - which for our semi arid climate is pretty much like a rain forest. It also means my plants won't start dying of neglect for at least another month.

For years my garden colors were mainly pink, blue, and white. Now all I seem to want is a riot of color. Maybe it's all those vacations in Mexico. Here's what I found at Lowe's last weekend - a Gerbera daisy called Lollipop. Bright enough?

And a complimentary's that for a match?

I found these cannas at Home Depot. Must have been a fresh shipment as they were in great shape. I read that cannas are marginal plants for ponds and can take water up to 6 inches. Hope that's right. If not, well they look pretty now. And I don't think there's room in the pond for much more. But those water lettuce can start multiplying any time now.

I found a great green-glazed strawberry pot at a garage sale for 6 bucks. I was thrilled. But I probably shouldn't have planted these purple petunias in the pockets since I can no longer see the planter. Or the lovely blue salvia in the top that a friend gave me. Who knew those petunias would do so well after I squeezed the life out of their rootballs trying to smash them into those little pockets? I'll plan better next year - or not.