Monday, December 28, 2015

I'm Not Going to Think About It - Yet

I promise myself I won't even think about taking down the Christmas decorations until New Year's Day. Who am I kidding? It may be two weeks from New Year's Day. 

It looks snowy inside (and outside.) I like the lights at night. Not ready to give it up. 

I was slow getting decorated. The older I get the more appealing it would be to donate it all each year and start fresh. No hauling boxes up and down from the basement. But I'd have to be rich. Not happening. 

And I would miss these sweet glittery deer on the dining room table each year. 

Nope, can't do it. So I'll continue to be a pack mule going up and down the stairs. Just not yet. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

A wonderful Colorado Christmas complete with snowfall and wintry temps has come and is almost gone. Hope you and yours had a lovely holiday! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Snow and Berries

It snowed some yesterday. 

Those are fake red berries that I put in my summer pots after I yanked out the dead annuals. Well, actually I had to cut the dead annuals down because the dirt was too frozen to pull them out. I waited a little too long to take care of some of the fall chores. I put some evergreen clippings in there too, which I cut from trees and bushes in my yard. Does that count as a fall chore? 

Oh, and I had to use my dandelion digger to punch holes in the frozen soil so I could insert said berries and branches. I'm thinking it looks very Christmas-y. 

On the front porch the snow pretty much buried a red wagon filled with more branches. 

The old washtub fared a bit better. I can at least see that 
big pinecone but others are buried in the wagonful of snow. 

Back on the terrace a snack awaits the arrival of the flock of magpies that will arrive soon. About a dozen of them. They will make short work of this with the help of a few bluejays and the nemesis squirrels. I like how the birds pick up each peanut judging its weight so they get the biggest one. Sort of pointless since they'll eat them all anyway, but the best first, apparently! 

A row of Skyrocket Junipers in their blue pots lined up on the back porch for the winter. It's the only way I'll remember to water them. They're usually in the bottom garden until my grandchildren haul them up here in the fall. Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind! I normally tie them up with twine so snow doesn't ruin their pencil shape, but these are getting a little ragtag anyway so I won't bother this year. 

It's hard to tell this is a reindeer with a metal branch sculpture behind. Looks more like a sheep now. A snow sheep. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hunting for summer

I just came back from a Mexico vacation. While I was in Mexico there was snowstorm after snowstorm at home. I felt bad for my neighbors who I knew were taking turns shoveling my walks and driveways while I walked the beach in search of sea glass. I have good neighbors.

Being back at home always leaves me yearning for the tropics with its warm weather. So I went on a hunt for summer. I needed a lovely bowl to display all my sea glass so I hit TJMaxx for inspiration. Found the perfect bowl and then browsed the store. Suddenly, I found it. Summer, tropics!

Those colors! Those fronds! It called to me. But wait, was I being rash? Do I need another bedspread? Well, of course. Does it look too old lady-ish? Probably, but I am an old lady. I circled the aisle and came back to it, eyeing it warily. Another customer approached. I pounced. It's mine. Summer is here, at least in my bedroom.


Sunday, January 04, 2015


I have to do it. I have to take down this long cedar swag hanging over the entry to the dining room. But look how dried out it is.

I know what will happen. The minute I touch it there will be an immediate downpour of dried needles. A regular cloudburst. And that's carpet under it. Just look at this desiccated stuff.
Maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Note to self: next year don't be too lazy to go to the basement and haul out the fake stuff.
But meanwhile the succulents in the living room window are soaking up the low winter sun. What the heck, one of those guys even bloomed.
Notice how they're thumbing their green noses at the snow and cold outside the window.
I think they need watered and rotated. Tomorrow.



Sunday, December 14, 2014

Signs of snow and Christmas

I like to read decorating blogs to see how out of touch I am. Right now they're all showing their winter mantels. Here's mine.

What's different about my mantel is that I don't change it. It's my winter, spring, summer, and fall mantel. It's suitable for all Colorado seasons except summer and then I'm out in the garden anyway. If I should happen to notice it in the summer heat the sight of the snow-tipped branches makes me feel slightly cooler. Once in awhile I dust it, too.

The very summery chaise with its big pink and rose floral design gets a furry shrug for winter. Nice and cozy for TV watching and book reading. Easy to whip off when the warm breezes blow again.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile now you know I have a humongous Christmas village that lives in the basement. One of my Adorable Grandchildren has been helping me put it all away so some work can be done down there. But I couldn't celebrate the season without at least a part of a village so I grabbed a few houses and made them the centerpiece of my dining room table.

Behind that is the hutch with all my seashell stuff. It's year-round too. So I stuck some juniper and spruce branches from my trees into the mix to make it blend in. It will be very ouchy to remove.
Back in the living room, here's a tree. Undecorated by choice. I don't want to have to put all those ornaments away in January. Easy-peasy.
And another snow-tipped tree mirrored by the snowfall outdoors.
I am attracted to shiny. Shiny pillow, shiny pointy tree.
And more shiny next to a minimally decorated tree. With a little leopard thrown in for good measure.
Outside, the Bushtits heard there was snow coming and mobbed the suet feeder. They must have seen the snowbirds arriving (Juncos) as they've been here all week. A sure sign of snow.


Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Winter sun

Early morning sun in the living room.