Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Easter bunny has come and gone, though I noticed he left a few of his cousins still nibbling on my grass. My presence doesn't seem to bother them, though since I haven't been out in the back yard since about November, I don't know why it would.

When I got back from Mexico I found all the snow had melted and it was rather a shock to see all the leftover perennial foliage lying flat as a pancake. They've sprung back up now, but they're begging me to get out there, trim them back and start cleaning up those beds. All in good time. I'm still trying to get used to Daylight Savings Time.

Here's a few puny tulips popping up. I know many gardeners plant tons of them; I have about twelve. When they bloom I'll wish I had lots more, but in the fall I won't care. The scilla surprised me one morning with their beautiful blue flowers - that happened just before our last snowfall but they didn't mind.

The sight of these sent me hunting for the crocus that I naturalized in the front lawn quite a few years ago. There are fewer every year which is okay with me because unfortunately it was the yellow ones that seemed to thrive and they looked a lot like early dandelions. I can't find any this year. Maybe that's what the Easter bunny's cousins have been nibbling on. Hip hop.