Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hunting for summer

I just came back from a Mexico vacation. While I was in Mexico there was snowstorm after snowstorm at home. I felt bad for my neighbors who I knew were taking turns shoveling my walks and driveways while I walked the beach in search of sea glass. I have good neighbors.

Being back at home always leaves me yearning for the tropics with its warm weather. So I went on a hunt for summer. I needed a lovely bowl to display all my sea glass so I hit TJMaxx for inspiration. Found the perfect bowl and then browsed the store. Suddenly, I found it. Summer, tropics!

Those colors! Those fronds! It called to me. But wait, was I being rash? Do I need another bedspread? Well, of course. Does it look too old lady-ish? Probably, but I am an old lady. I circled the aisle and came back to it, eyeing it warily. Another customer approached. I pounced. It's mine. Summer is here, at least in my bedroom.