Monday, May 12, 2014

The merry, merry, month of May(uary)

This is just wrong. It's May, not January. We're supposed to "bring flowers of the fairest and flowers of the rarest" not whack snow off our fully leafed-out trees.

I left nothing to chance when it came to the alliums that are in their prime. I almost had enough garbage cans but a quick trip to Lowe's netted these blue ones. Colorful, right?

So glad I did.

Happy May! It's supposed to be 80 next weekend in Mary's Garden.


Thursday, May 08, 2014

Purple on a Stick

The alliums are blooming. I find it very amusing to look out the window and see these purple lollipops.
A couple of "everlasting" alliums thrown into the mix appeal to my sense of humor. I've had people ask me what those big starburst flowers are. I tell them "metal".

I'd forgotten there were some allium bulbs planted in with the catmint. I like the colors together. But look at the spearmint taking over again. The only way I'll get rid of it is to move.

See the one lone cane in the tuteur above? That's what's left of Graham Thomas. It was a tough winter. The creatures in my garden thought it was tough too. That's apparently why they're taking it easy now. Really, rabbit? Can't you see I'm right there? Aren't you the least bit afraid of me?
Apparently not. And neither is this squirrel, lounging in a ratty looking birdhouse.
That reminds me, I really should paint the birdhouse, and my own house trim. But not purple.