Thursday, August 20, 2009


One of the leaders on birding field trips I used to go on would mark down any birds that he couldn't get a good glimpse of as LBBs -- Little Brown Birds. I have my fair share of little brown birds in my backyard at the feeders and at the bird bath.

Look at us, we're just little brown birds.
Not me! Check out this red breast.
That's not bad, but we'd rather have some REAL color, like that guy in the yellow and black.

Or even that noisy blue fellow.
But no, we're destined to be just little brown birds. At least there are lots of us.
But even a crowd is no match for a squirrel who wants our dinner.
Call in the big guns!
And their brothers.

You all do what you need to do, this little brown bird needs a drink.
And peace and quiet to enjoy the garden. Even if we are little brown birds.
With thanks to the house finches, goldfinches, bluejays, and magpies. And no thanks to the squirrel.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a lovely garden filled with LBJ's. (Little Brown Jobs). tee hee... Magpies are one of my favorite western birds. They look so handsome.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Those Magpies are just so dapper and handsome! I think that the suirrel was trying to pass himself off as a little brown bird.

"No squirrels here! Just another LBB, not to worry, no need to shoo me away! Tweet-munch-munch-munch."

LostRoses said...

Lisa, I love the magpies too. We call them "scavengers in tuxedos". Handsome, indeed!

Lynne, that's so funny and I'm surprised I didn't think of that! Tweet, munch, munch. I'm sure I'll think of that everytime I see the squirrels hogging the feeder!

Carol said...

I have LBB's, too, plus goldfinches, and cardinals. But it has been awhile since I've seen a bluejay. Your garden looks lovely, btw.

chuck b. said...

I have tons of LBBs this year. More than ever. And they visit in big groups.

Two-tiered birdbaths like yours have a lot of sophistication and glamour. I want one.

LostRoses said...

Carol, cardinals....we crave cardinals. But I have to wait to see them at my daughter's feeders in Tulsa. No cardinals in Denver.

Chuck, they've brought their extended families to the feeders, that's for sure. I like to see birds on both tiers of the birdbath, but the fountain part in the middle is an impediment to the bigger birds, so I have a regular birdbath for them.

Rita said...

Hello! Greetings from Finland :)

What a delight it was to find this post with that beautiful bird bath and all the birds, and a lovely garden.

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

Ha! LBB's! Gotta remember that one! It's so fun to be able to identify bird visitors to the garden, and so frustrating when I can't...

I've seen more magpies in my neighborhood this year than I have for a long time, and I'm so glad they're back!

Barbee' said...

I think little brown birds are cute. I enjoy them; even the house sparrows. Some of yours were female house finches. House finches are such chatterboxes. I enjoyed your post and photos so much!

Kerri said...

Such a fun post about the LBBs and their more colorful friends :)
We have quite a large group of purple finches here. I love to hear their chatter, and the goldfinches too.
We also have plenty of sparrows..the quintessential LBB.
Your maggies are very handsome in their teal blue tuxes.
Squirrels are naughty, but they're fun to watch :)
That little fairy garden in the previous post is absolutely delightful. And your granddaughter is a little blond beauty.
Nice to catch up with you. I hope you've had a pleasant summer.

Annie in Austin said...

It's November 20th - three months late with a comment, Lost Roses - do love the magpies...only know them from photos.

Hope your autumn has been a good one, that you dressed up for Halloween and that you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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