Sunday, April 22, 2007

More on Harmony Blue

What they say...
Northwest Horticulture
Anemone coronaria 'Harmony Blue'
Common Name:
Hybrid Anemone
10 in.
6 in.
Bloom Time:
Spring thru Fall
Flower Color:
Shade to Part Shade

The Harmony series has a dwarf habit, which makes it perfect for mixed containers. It is tall enough to stand out, but doesn't overwhelm the other flowers. Harmony will keep blooming until summer, and in milder climates if planted it will bloom again the next spring. Harmony is a beautiful dwarf series of anemone that is ideal for winter and spring celebrations such asValentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day. This series needs partial shade.

And what it may actually do...
Notice how it says Bloom time: Spring thru Fall but in the description it mentions it "will keep blooming until summer." So which is it?

The anemone sure contrasts nicely with that pot marigold (calendula) in this website picture but I'm pretty sure calendula need full sun, so I doubt they would look nice for long in the "shade, part shade" that the anemone requires. Oh well, I've been fooled by plant tags and garden catalogue pictures before, but gee, I want to believe them so I buy them anyway! Thanks to Annie and Zoey for their help in trying to figure this one out.


Mary said...

Maybe it's me (probably) but the plant tags usually fool me and produce something much different. So I just go with whatever happens in my garden. More blue...Love it!

Lynne said...

A blue like that blooming in the shade- it must just glow! I hope they work out, and of course we'd like pictures of them in your yard please! :)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

It's a lovely flower. Please keep us posted on what it is doing. I've given up on plant labels a loooooooooong time ago. ;-)

I love blue flowers, even if they only flower for a short time.

BTW On Bliss a nice pick-me-up is served. ;-)

LostRoses said...

You're right, we can only go with it and see what happens! when I first started gardening I planted something that I thought was tall and blue (I've forgotten what it was supposed to be). That's what the tag said. Apparently the tags got mixed up because it turned out to be ajuga, which has been madly invading my lawn ever since.

Lynne, now that you mention it they do look rather luminous out there. But that may be because it's the only thing of beauty near my sad-looking little pond which I haven't cleaned out yet this year!

Yolanda, I agree that if it's blue, it's good! Now speaking of good, my mouth is watering over the pick-me-up on your blog. And this from a beer drinker!

MariaJ said...

This surely looks good and it also reminds me of a poppy. Unfortunately these dont success well in Finland cause our climate is too cold for it....but the climate changes....

Sissy said...

That is so stunning!!!
If it turns out even close, you will have a fantastic flower!!!

LostRoses said...

Maria, I guess I haven't thought about how cold it might be in Finland for some of the flowers. What zone do you garden in? We're in zone 5 here. And oh yes, the climate changes!

Sissy, I'm eagerly awaiting to see how long this flower will bloom (if I don't kill it first).

Jerry said...

I got the Blue Harmony Anemone off the clearance rack at Lowes so it's another experiment. Just a couple of questions. Here in zone 7 will it overwinter, or can it be dug and kept inside like 4-O'Clock corms? And the tag says to deadhead. The spent petals come off easily, but the center and the flower stalk are pretty tough. Should they come off too? Thanks.

LostRoses said...

Hi Jerry, no point in deadheading as mine did not bloom again after I planted it. My other anemones are one-time bloomers also so I think the plant tag was mostly wishful thinking. You shouldn't have to lift the plant for the winter. I don't in zone 5 and my other anemones come back faithfully every year. This one didn't but you may have better luck!