Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blue and white

Perhaps the Harmony Blue anemone looks a little more luminous with some frosting on it. The bright yellow daisy behind it is known as a "Crazy Daisy". It's on a stake which you plunk in the ground and attach a hose to. The daisy waves and dips and water flies everywhere. I didn't need the Crazy Daisy to get enough water today. It rained all last night and turned to snow today.

The new tulip bed with the little amur maple just before I knocked the snow off the branches this evening.

Meanwhile, inside, the normal accoutrements on my kitchen floor anytime it rains.
I really need to see about fixing that leaky skylight. Maybe after I get the garden in shape. It's going to be 80 degrees this weekend. Woo-hoo!


Carol said...

I can not believe you got snow. That can not be good. Is that unusual this time of year? For crying out loud, it is almost May!!

Mary said...

Ditta what Carol said.

Your photos are still good, though. I didn't imagine to see snow on anyone's blog - not at least for 7 months!

A leaky skylight, easily fixed. I had one of those, too!

Lynne said...

You had snow last night and expect 80s this weekend? That's nuts!! What a pretty little maple. Is it an ornamental tree? Will it stay smallish?

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Good grief, snow again?!!!

I like the sound of 80 degrees this weekend much better. ;-)

Leaky skylight, not of the good. :-)

Annie in Austin said...

Good grief was my first reaction, too. But since you sound quite calm, LostRoses, it's undoubtedly a passing thing, and you'll be wearing the sandals in a few days.


Zoey said...

Well, now THAT must have been discouraging!

I hope it does not come my way. I have not checked the weather.

We had the 80 degrees last weekend, but I was not home much to enjoy it.

Sissy said...

You have such a great attitude about it!
I would have gone thru the roof, taking the skylight right out!!

LostRoses said...

Carol, this is soooo Colorado, it's an unusual year when it doesn't happen!

Mary, I hope the skylight is an easy fix, I need the money for plants, not fix-ups!

Lynne, that's an amur maple. I just planted it last spring and it can grow to about 20 feet tall. I bought it for the fall color and I like the multi-branched trunk. It replaces a huge overgrown upright juniper that I had cut down and so my house looks very different now in the front. It was hidden before by the "behemoth!"

Yolanda, Oh, I am so looking forward to two whole days in the garden in sunny weather.

Annie, you're right, I'm not too excited about it. It's moisture, and we'll take all we can get while we can. We officially have enough water for the summer season, now that's unusual!

Zoey, not being home to enjoy the few good days on the weekends has been my story too. Not this weekend though, I hope.

Sissy, now that might have been a way to solve my skylight problems!