Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ghost storm

I said I wouldn't post anymore shots of snowy tulips and I'm keeping my word. This was the new bed last Thursday afternoon. I thought I was being clever and helping a few tulips and daffodils hold their own against the forecasted 12-14 inches of snow we were supposed to get overnight and into Friday. Coloradans battened down the hatches, the airlines canceled 140 flights at Denver International in anticipation of snowed-in runways, even the State Legislature declared it a snow day. And nothing happened. During the night the front took a 100 mile swing south of us, spawned a tornado in Texas, and generally wreaked havoc across the nation. But we were spared. Now we're feeling like weather wimps, but I think it's just post traumatic snow syndrome.

The next day dawned sunny and beautiful, a good thing for one of my nephews who had planned an outdoor wedding at a small bed and breakfast inn at Manitou Springs, nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak. The bride, in her long gown, had to clamber up those steep wooden steps to the top of a hill and descend down the other side into the garden for her wedding entrance. A spread of rose petals awaited her. And no, she didn't trip. Ah, youth!

Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods rock formations made for a nice backdrop. Talk about borrowing your neighbor's scenery to enhance your garden.

I hadn't been at the wedding five minutes when the strap on my shoe broke. See that one across my ankle? It came unglued, or unstitched or whatever it was that was supposed to be holding it on. Thankfully the shoes had wedge heels so I was able to pretend like I was wearing clogs. With a flopping strap. I was almost wishing I had a pair of flowered wellies in the car!


Sissy said...

That is some incredible scenery! That wedding must have been spectacular! A very brave soul to schedule a wedding in April outside!
I hope we are all done with the snow for a good long time!

Mary said...

We only see scenery like that on vacation. Lucky you!

Your concern about the tulips is understood after this crazy weather. Many of us in the neighborhood covered tender plants with sheets and blankets but the wind carried them a few hundred yards away so we still lost a lot last weekend.

I think I told you how lovely your feet are before you vacationed in Mexico, didn't I?

Susan said...

Some good friends and neighbors of ours moved to Manitou Springs from Austin a few years ago and we've been meaning to visit them ever since. The mountains are certainly beautiful (I visited my grandmother, who lived in Buena Vista, coming every summer from Texas, so those are mountains I'm at least familiar with driving through).

Thanks for stopping by my site earlier. I've enjoyed visiting yours.

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks for sharing Colorado with us! So gorgeous! And what a perfect day for a wedding!

Drat those sandals (and they're cute, too!)!

Many years ago at a formal dinner, I felt this rush of cold air on my back and realized that the stupid stupid stupid nylon zipper had split (as they used to be wont to do). Of course, all you have to do is zip and rezip to fix the silly old things...but in the middle of a dinner??! Life's most embarrassing moments (of which I have an ever extending list!)...

Glad you didn't get the storm! It is just weather-guessing, isn't it?

Pam/Digging said...

Manitou Springs is a beautiful and fun little town. We enjoyed a few days' stay there a couple of summers ago. Garden of the Gods at sunrise, and a cog-rail trip to the top of Pikes Peak? Yes! Do it. Lots of fun.

linda t said...

Thanks for sharing your CO pics!! Cuz it is one of my most favorite places!
Every summer we do a camp at the base of Horn Peak and it is heaven! Coming from Phx. to 9000 ft. is a welcome relief!

Annie in Austin said...

At least you only had to walk stairs to this wedding, not helicopter in as some 'destination wedding' guests must do! A few years ago we had a half-mile walk up a dusty hilltop to a wedding in a park with a spectacualr view. I wore my New Balance walkers up to the top, with my dress shoes in a bag, ready to do a fast change so that the Wedding photos would look respectable.

The trash can collage is quite an original Bloom Day entry, Lost Roses - perhaps May will be your magic month.

Thank you so much for the comments on my parody video, and the other songs. I have so much fun with this YouTube thing, and appreciate that you like them.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Apple said...

It never occurred to me to put buckets or cans over my plants! They're sitting out there under the foot of snow that you didn't get. Syracuse has closed down a couple of times because of storms that never came.

The views are breathtaking. A lovely setting for a wedding. I'm glad the weather cooperated.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Clever idea to put buckets and cans over your plants. It's almost a pity that storm didn't show up. ;-)

What a lovely place to have a wedding! Very romantic all those rose petals.

Hmm, no flowered wellies in the car? What were you thinking of. LOL

I hope you had a lovely day!

rusty in miami said...

We got the end of that cold front here this morning the weather in Miami this morning was in the high 40’s In mid April!!!!! I don’t know something strange is happening.

LostRoses said...

Sissy, I thought they were being very brave too. They actually had a back-up plan in case the weather didn't clear but they were glad they didn't have to use it. And I agree, no more snow! We've all had our fair share and then some.

Mary, when my kids were little and used to talk about going on vacation I'd always tell them, "people pay thousands of dollars to come here and see the sights, and you alreay live here." That argument never worked!

I'm sorry the sheets and blankets went sailing, but it was worth a try. We had some wicked winds yesterday. Oh, and the shoes thing...I had just polished my toenails so they would like nice with those shoes. It's a good thing I did since I didn't realize I'd be getting some unexpected attention as I clomped around!

Susan, Manitou is a quaint little town, offering lots of old-fashioned lodging, plenty of litle stores, and so many natural wonders close by that it's certainly worth a visit. And you have a good excuse!

Gotta garden, kinda makes you wonder why life's embarrassing moments always happen in front of a crowd! My list is growing too.

Pam, I was wishing I'd planned to stay the night so I could visit Garden of the Gods (but maybe not at sunrise). Oh well, hindsight!

Linda, sounds like you're very familiar with the Colorado sights! Is Horn Peak in the Sangre de Cristos? Such an amazing range springing right up from the valley floor. Quite a change from summer in Phoenix!

Annie, you were very clever to bring different shoes! I actually didn't know this wedding was outdoors or I might have re-thought my footwear. (Everybody seemed to know but me!)

And you're right, I finally have a Bloom Day entry, albeit an odd one!

Apple, I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me during earlier storms to cover the tulips with the trash cans. The older I get I find that every year I have to re-learn everything from the previous year!

Yolanda, I was hoping to spite the storm so I have to say I was a little disappointed not to have my plan come together! Yes, the rose petals were a great touch I thought. I also thought if I had listened to you I might have had some flowered wellies to change into. Ah well, it was a great day regardless!

Rusty, I'm just glad you didn't get that low 40's stuff when you had a garden full of family on Easter! I hope all your lovely tropical plants held up all right.

Zoey said...

What a beautiful scene for a wedding! They were so lucky to get decent weather. I can just imagine how lovely the wedding photographs will be.

Sorry about your shoe mishap. At least you were still able to walk around a bit. I guess losing the strap is better than losing the heel....just trying to find the bright side... :)