Thursday, December 21, 2006

On, Donder! On,...Blizzard?

On Monday, the weatherman said there was a storm coming in. We could get a dusting of snow, or up to 8 inches. By yesterday afternoon, he'd changed his forecast: 15-24 inches. His later prediction was the right one. I did rather want a white Christmas, but the dusting was what I had in mind. This is what it looked like Wednesday afternoon. You can almost see the third path I dug down my front walk. After the fourth shoveling, my back and I gave up. Another 12 inches overnight and I'll worry tomorrow about how I'm going to get the car out of the garage and get up my hilly street. At least I'm inside and have the comforts of home. There are 4,000 travelers stranded at the airport tonight, and they probably won't get out Thursday or Friday either. A lot of ruined Christmas plans. Not to mention the many cars stranded or abandoned on the highways. The National Guard will be working all night to make sure no one is left in those vehicles.
I can almost see the house across the street belonging to my neighbor-with-the-tasteful-light-display. He also has a snowblower. I will try to remind him tomorrow of the many times I've babysat his dog when he's out of town.
Inside it's a bit more snug. These birds are on a smaller Christmas tree in the kitchen. I love wild birds and I pick up bird ornaments at garage sales and here and there. The birds on my indoor avian tree were the lucky ones. The birds outside were desperate for shelter and favored the covered birdfeeder today for their sunflower seeds. I was surprised to spot a Rufous-sided Towhee who must have been blown off-course in the 40-50 mph winds. Towhees don't frequent my yard and the last one I saw was several years ago. And first thing this morning, before the snow started in earnest, there was a gorgeous red fox hunkered down in the grass, while the winds howled around him. He gave up and trotted off towards a huge spreading juniper bush which could offer him better cover. Those junipers are good for something!
If I saw this bird in my yard, I'd have to be on a different continent. This is an English Robin on an old crackled ornament I've had for a long time, and it's one of my favorites.
I'm not sure if English Robins lay blue eggs like their American cousins, but here's a nest of delicate porcelain eggs that also graces the bird tree. When I'm mowing the lawn in the summer, I always look for pieces of blue egg shells the robins have dropped away from their nesting sites. Summer seems very far away tonight! Where was I? Oh yes... On, Prancer, On, Dancer!


Zoey said...

Oh my, that is one big storm! I hope it's not headed in my direction (Michigan).

We have no snow at all at the moment and I am planning on a green Christmas day this year.

I do love to watch a big snowstorm when I am cozy and warm inside. It's getting out to go to work that I don't like!

Mary said...

Blizzards are great until they end and you are stuck inside with cabin fever for too long, right? Thanks for the snow photos - more please (although it's all over the news). Be safe!

Annie in Austin said...

The snow photos and bird ornaments [especially the nest with blue eggs] have me cooing at the monitor - you may be confined right now, LostRoses, but in such a beautiful place, both inside and out.

Good luck on getting some snow-blower help. The regional situation looks pretty intense on the news.

Merry Christmas from Annie in Austin

Apple said...

I like the idea of a theme tree for something you love. The nest is so unique and pretty!

I hope your neighbor helps you out. We'll be having a green Christmas and I don't mind a bit.

Carol said...

I came to your blog to see if you were doing alright in the blizzard. Happy to hear you are inside and sharing these wonderful pictures of bird ornaments!

rusty in miami said...

Wow is hard to picture that from Florida, stay inside and keep warm. Merry Christmas

Leann said...

simply lovely.the pictures are great.all we had today was rain.I was dumb enough to go out in it.thank God for umbrellas.looks like we are having a wet christmas.

LostRoses said...

Thank you all for your comments and concern! As I mentioned, we are lucky to be snug in our own homes, with heat and power and plenty of groceries. The digging out has begun in earnest, and except for a sore back here and there, all is well.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and may it be green or rainy!

Pam/Digging said...

Your bird tree is lovely. How nice that you can enjoy them inside and outside.

Carol said...

Oh my what a storm!

I love your bird tree LR and especially the gorgeous Robin nest!