Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Holiday Blizzard

That's what they've named it: The Holiday Blizzard. I think it's a good idea to give blizzards nicknames. That helps me distinguish it from previous ones like The Blizzard of '82, The Blizzard that Damaged all the Trees (1997), and The Blizzard that Closed Work for Three Days (2003). The latter was my personal favorite. Don't you just love the rocking chair on the front porch? It looks like it's been covered in cotton batting and is ready for new upholstery.
Oh, yes! My neighbor remembered that I babysit his dog a lot. He plowed his way across the street first thing this morning and started on my driveway. He dispatched 17 inches of snow a lot faster than the first 12 inches I shoveled by hand yesterday. Later I stuffed him with cookies and wrapped his Christmas presents for him. A fair trade, I thought!
The overhang of snow above the front porch reminds me of that cute scalloped edging I've seen decorating some kitchen shelves. But this decoration will undoubtedly come thudding down as soon as the sun warms up those gutters.
My faux "Gloire de Dijon" rose is almost visible on the right of this big snow mound. "Gloire"outgrew a five-foot-tall obelisk this summer and is still reaching for the sky. Just think of all that winter insulation for it. I won't be watering outdoor plants this month.
In the back yard, an old flat-topped pedestal got a smart pyramidal cap. Nature's symmetry!
The only diner open today... a covered birdfeeder. Those indentations in the snow below the feeder are normally a set of wide open-back steps that lead to the upper lawn. I didn't dare try them as they are rather crevasse-like at the moment.
Next to the Adirondack chair you might be able to make out a mound on the right. That's a matching table. I trudged through drifts up to my thighs to get this picture. All for you, my blogging friends! (Well, I also had the birdseed with me).
By late afternoon, the snow ended and the storm clouds headed northeast toward Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Hopefully, by the weekend, all the stranded travelers will be making their way to their destinations too. I'm sure they won't be dreaming of a White Christmas!


Lis said...

I read today in the newspaper of blizzard. You have really very much snow, here is everything green and we have no withe Chrismas

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing your new blanket of snow. You did a great job capturing the beauty of it. Brings back memories of living farther up north.

Zoey said...

What a great picture of that chair on the porch.

It sounds like you have a very nice neighbor. I am sure it goes both ways.

It is so beautiful when you have a bunch of fresh snow.
That bottom picture is also fantastic.

It has been raining here all day and is in the low 40's. I hope it does not freeze. I wonder if we are getting the remnants of the storm you just went through?

Sissy said...

No snow in Northern Illinois. My backyard looks like a small lake-lots of rain!
Merry Christmas!

Ros said...

I've just happened upon your blog, and the snow photos have made me feel very festive. here in the Uk we can only dream of a white Christmas! Have a happy one!

Apple said...

No snow here, I may have to rename the place! I glad the storm passed by before the holiday. Cookies and wrapping seems like a great trade to me!
Merry Christmas

Clare said...

Oh how beautiful! We get very little snow here in Central England these days - how magical it would be to wake up to such a scene on Christmas morning! Merry Christmas to you! Clare x

Pam/Digging said...

That much snow may have caused headaches for travelers, but it sure looks beautiful from here. I hope you enjoy your white Christmas. We have a drizzly one here, but I'm grateful for the much-needed rain.

Merry Christmas!

Carol said...

Gawd what a whole lot of snow! Well hopefully you can still enjoy it!

Today I've dropped by to wish you and your loved ones merry Chritmas and happy holidays!

Leann said...

love your take the best pic, this one at the end,the colors are so pretty.and the snow on everything just beautiful.we didn,t get this much but it did put out the lights for our christmas with family.but we had a woodstove and candles so we were ok.a few hours of no computer or TV.and that in its self was a blessing.reminded me of when I was a kid.stay safe and warm.MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.GOD BLESS YOU.

Carol said...

Those are wonderful pictures of the Holiday Blizzard. I hear another storm is heading that way for New Years or sooner? I hope you stay warm and dry inside.

Happy New Year!

LostRoses said...

Thanks for all your comments! I'm so tired from Christmas, the storm, and company that I'm in meltdown at the moment. And as Carol mentioned, another storm is on the way. And I was just learning which ruts to use to get up my street in the car! Oh well, life's an adventure. Hope you all are enjoying the post-holiday quiet!

Christine said...

That's a lot of snow.

I'm like, in shock~

linda t said...

Oh my gosh! Great pics!
And now... more to come!
Take care and get ready and stay put!
I grew up in WI... live in Phx. now... can hardly remember functioning in such conditions!