Saturday, December 30, 2006

Blue skies

So we had Round 2 of the Holiday Blizzard on Thursday night and all day Friday, but this time the winds didn't howl, so it was merely a storm. By the time it was over we had another thirteen inches of snow. This towering Blue Spruce is across the street. Notice my neighbor's trash piled below. Not sure when we'll get pickup again. Today, the day after the storm, the skies are blue and sunny, and the trees look gorgeous glistening with snow.
My neighbor's snowblower bogged down with this very wet and heavy snow so I started shoveling my driveway by hand. The snow kept sticking to the blade so I tried out that trick I'd heard of spraying cooking oil on it and it worked. I was very surprised. A few neighbors borrowed the spray can too and now the odor of olive oil is redolent in the air.
Out in the back yard, I can no longer get to my feeders, so I scattered some seed and peanuts close to the house. Some Black-billed Magpies were my first customers and I caught their tracks in the snow on my camera.
Even more cool is this imprint of a Magpie's wing and body he left when he landed on top of the snow to grab a peanut. They're a big bird with a wingspan of about two feet. Looks like those fossils you see imbedded in stone, doesn't it?
Much smaller birds grace some holiday dishes that I love using at Christmas. Don't you love the feel of beautiful bone china? The heft of it is very pleasing and the translucence always amazes me. Forgive me for carrying on. Years ago I worked in the China and Silver department of a May Company store and I've never quite gotten over it. The House Finch above is common at my feeders and the Eastern Bluebird below never will be. But its cousin the Western Bluebird will be back with the blue of the summer skies.


Carol said...

Wow what absolutely stunning winter photos LR! I love them all, that is what winter should look like. Still no snow at our part of the world so far. Today it's even 10 degrees Celsius +, so more a spring like feeling.

Your holiday dishes are gorgeous, as a bird lover I would love to get them too!

I'm wishing you a wonderful new year 2007 filled with everything you wish for!

Carol xox

MariaJ said...

Haa...its so weird to look these wonderful photos...cause we should have the same view here but no...the grass is still green and no snow!
I wanted to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007, may your dreams come true!

Mary said...

I really enjoyed your photos. Brings back memories of me constantly looking through the windows at the white blanket. It's 50 degrees here today and we are expecting rain. How boring.

Pretty plates!

Best wishes for a great 2007!

Clare said...

Absolutely beautiful snowy photos! We haven't had any snow here - just gales and rain! Look forward to seeing many more of your lovely photos - Happy New Year! Clare x

Carol said...

Lovely pictures and I like the plates. Happy New Year

LostRoses said...

Carol and Maria, I just read an article in the newspaper about the lack of snow at European ski resorts and how many of the skiers there may come to Colorado to ski. Well, we have plenty of snow as you can see!

Mary and Clare, it seems you are sharing the same rainy weather. This snowstorm moved across the country and brought torrents of rain to my daughter in Oklahoma. They are very happy to get it as they have been in a drought this year.

Carol, everytime I see your little pic of you mowing the lawn it makes me think of summer which seems so very far away at the moment!

A happy and healthy 2007 to you all!

Jean said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments! Your snow pictures are all just beautiful! We haven't had much snow at all. I like it but sure don't miss the shoveling! I also love your china! It is gorgeous! Please come visit again.

Annie in Austin said...

Happy New Year, LostRoses, and what wonderful photos you've posted! The chair and magpie's wingprint somehow transmitted not only the way snow looks, but the way snow feels.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anita said...

First of all, happy New Year to you!!!

I very much enjoyed your beautiful winter wonder land! Snow and blue sky, that's what I am dreaming of!

Unfortunatly, our birds have not yet discovered all the feeders I put in the garden... I guess it's due to the fact that it's still pretty warmish over here.

Your bird dishes are great, but isn't it a pity just to use it for Christmas.... ;-)))

LostRoses said...

Jean, it's no wonder you don't have much snow, I think we have a corner on the market! Someone in the area is even selling it on eBay, too funny!

Annie, thanks for your comment on the photos. When I discovered that magpie print in the snow I was as excited as a kid at Christmas. Unexpected treasure!

Anita, I've been feeding birds for many years and I'm always surprised at how long it can take them to find a new feeder! I think it's in direct proportion to the amount of food available too. Without snow cover they are probably not desperate! I'm sure they'll wing their way to you eventually!

Zoey said...

I just heard on the TV about that couple trying to sell snow on ebay! People will try anything.

I love the bird feet/wings pics!

Our ground is still not even frozen, which might just be a first for January in my area.

It is very strange weather this year. Your snow does look beautiful when I am looking at it from Michigan--LOL.

Zoey said...

forgot to mention those wonderful bird dishes. I just love them!

working in a china store sounds like a fun job.

Leann said...

I love to come and see your pretty stuff those plates are awesome.soooo lovely.and can you send us some snow we have less then a inch.and it will go cause we are having 40s.happy new year and God bless.