Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fine and Feathery

Here's what happened this week. It got really cold. I mean really, really cold. It hasn't been this cold here at this time of year since 1916. What the heck. But...I watch the weather report, I was ready. I raced around the garden on the last morning of nice weather, tucking ceramic pots and birdbaths away safe from freezing and thawing destruction, wrapping the standing wall fountain in a big blue tarp. The cold front blew in, the temperature dropped, the snow came, twice. But I was ready. Amazing!

The miscanthus standing tall a few weeks ago.

And the snow didn't beat it down. It still looks fine and feathery. Before I shovel my walks and driveway I brush the snow off the ornamental grasses. I have my priorities.



outlawgardener said...

Brrr! I'm glad that you were prepared! The cold is not so bad if you know that everything is safely put away or wrapped up. I feel very lucky to have a greenhouse this year as I was able to fit so many more plants in there than I might have tried to save without it. Not looking forward to the electric bill after this big cold snap though! Keep warm and lets hope that the rest of the winter is milder and that we have an early spring!

LostRoses said...

Outlaw, don't believe I'm not thinking of your lovely greenhouse space when I'm stuffing the house with holdover plants! As for the electric bill, just think of all the plants you don't have to replace!

outlawgardener said...

You make an excellent point, L.R!

Rock rose said...

There is always a great deal of satisfaction when you close the door on the garden knowing that you have done everything to protect that which needs protecting. Stay warm and Happy Thanksgiving.