Friday, October 31, 2014


Getting ready for spooks and goblins tonight. Or more likely, Batman, Elsa and Anna, and assorted princesses.

Pre-retirement I shared the fun duties of Halloween party planner extraordinaire with a co-worker. Together we planned the day-long festivities with costume contests, endless food, and decorations galore. It took hours to transform our workroom into a spooky cobwebby witchy space to celebrate Halloween. The whole department pitched in. Costumes were discussed or kept secret. The day of the big event everyone from mail clerk to chief executive joined in the festivities. The costumes! Some people were unrecognizable. Some were glamorous, others funny or scary. We outdid ourselves. But what do you expect from a building full of library staff? It was great fun. It was exhausting. Now I'm happy to hang a ghost or two on my front porch.

I was going to stretch some fake cobwebs across the window but discovered I have real ones. Done.

Oh, here's a pretty miniature rose I noticed while hanging ghosts. Not scary.

So while I'm done coming up with costumes like Mary Queen of Scots, Pocahontas, Gypsy fortune-teller, Tourist in Hawaii, Cowgirl, Sacajawea and many others I still feel the need to do a little something. Okay, this is scaring me. I hope Batman and the princesses don't trick instead of treat.



NanaDiana said...

LOL- I see you have the same costume I do! lol Hope you have a great night- Boo to you, too- xo Diana

LostRoses said...

We're so original, aren't we? Fun night with trick-or-treaters!

outlawgardener said...

Hope you had a fun Halloween! Your ghosts are wonderful!

LostRoses said...

Outlaw, Ghosts are gone, snow arrived instead. Glad it waited!