Monday, August 12, 2013

She sorts seashells

Seashells. I love them. Since I was a little kid living in Florida I've been fascinated by them. Found on the beach or bought in a shell shop - I wasn't picky. None of those shells survived the "way too many" moves but I've managed to look for seashells anytime I'm near a beach. Or a garage sale. People sell their souvenir shells - really. That's okay because I'm likely to buy them. Yesterday it occurred to me that I should sort the shells and put them in a container I found at a flea market. First I had to rinse them all off and pick out the leaves and stuff that had fallen into their bowls. They've been outside for awhile. Then I spread them out on a mesh top table to dry.

I'd like to just leave them here - they look cool. But that won't do.

I seem to be especially fond of the spiral ones.

I remember finding one of these pincushion shells on Sanibel Island at about age 8. I was thrilled. But I stepped on it later that day. Lots of tears. My mother asked me why I put it on the floor. As a grandmother of five I now know the answer is "I don't know!" delivered in a mournful wail.

Some of the shells are so dinky I had to set them on top of the sand dollars so they wouldn't fall through the mesh.

Here's the thing I bought at a flea market. Not sure what this was ever used for. Maybe a display for a bakery countertop? Not sure why I bought it either. Or what I was going to do with it. It took me two weeks to think up the seashell thing.

The finished shell holder.

This is my seashore beachy theme hutch for the summer. Kind of overdone but I never know when to stop. And it's a great improvement over the Christmas Village that was there until mid-July. Seashells are better.



outlawgardener said...

I also find seashells interesting and you're right the beach themed hutch is much better for August. You did a nice job of arranging your collection on the thrift store thingy!

LostRoses said...

Thanks, Outlaw! The first time I bump into the hutch it's all over.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post. We brought back a whole bunch of seashells with us from our trip to South Carolina. Nothing like your collection, though.

Deanne Fortnam said...

Very, very nice! I love seashells too. I've had a shell collection since I was ten years old. What a creative way to display them. Love it!

LostRoses said...

Garden, cool! I never get enough beachy vacations. And I think you should be glad you don't have this many.
Deanne, wow, you are a collector! I don't think I have a thing from age ten. As mentioned, too many moves when young. Guess that's why I've stayed in this house for almost 40 years!

LauraHinNJ said...

I'm a seashell junkie, too!

Pretty ways to display them are always a problem... I love what you've come up with!

A favorite way to spend time when I'm missing the beach is to "sort" my shells... I lay them out much like what you did on the table, and arrange them by color or shape or whatever! It's a very zen-like way to waste time.

: )

Joan said...

That's a great looking bunch of seashells. I like the little spiral ones, too!

LostRoses said...

Laura, love that - a zen-like way to waste time. I'm using that!
Joan, those spirals are so intricate they just fascinate me.