Thursday, August 29, 2013

Peachy Day

I hardly ever bake, much less when it's 95 degrees outside and not much cooler inside. Colorado summer days can be quite hot but we're a mile closer to the sun, right? Those hot days lead to a great peach crop harvested on the Western Slope of Colorado and eagerly awaited by all of us on the other side of the Continental Divide. I was so hyped up by all the TV ads showing luscious ripe fruit that I made a peach pie. But since I hadn't planned ahead and let the peaches ripen for a few days I had to wrestle those babies to get them sliced and pitted. There are no severed fingertips in the photo below.

I prebaked the pie crust but it shrunk a little. These things happen.

So I decorated the top real cute with these fancy cutters I got at Williams-Sonoma.

I made my own pie garden with a bird on a branch and a bumblebee hovering above the peaches.
And who better to eat this garden-y peach pie than The Dubious Gardener and The Reluctant Gardener?

It was a pretty good pie and probably the last thing I'll bake 'till Thanksgiving. But who wants to think about that? For now I'll enjoy the summer heat and the last peach which is now ripe.




Anonymous said...

Yum, that looks so good. I am a big pie person (no pun intended). On my birthdays I ask for pie, not cake. My favorites are blueberry and apple, but I've been known to enjoy a slice of peach or two.

Deanne Fortnam said...

How wonderful! that looks delicious. Wish I could have joined in the peachy party. I love your pie crust art!

Carol said...

Beautiful pie! Now I'm going in search of those cutters! Blessings!

LostRoses said...

Garden, for me it's all about the crust! The filling is optional! I live the idea of birthday pie.

Deanne, It was fun using those cutouts. I have some Thanksgiving ones too which I'm looking forward to using. Turkeys!

Carol, hope you found them!

Tamera Beardsley said...

I never bake either...I'd rather be in the garden... but this pie is calling to me! The cutest pie I have ever seen!! Kudos!

Joan said...

I never had a peach pie. That looks yummy!