Thursday, January 05, 2012

Flowering haystacks?

Try to imagine these blue flowers sticking out all over from this haystack. Wouldn't that be odd? I just watched Red Riding Hood which is a movie that got really bad reviews but the cinematography looked pretty so I watched it. One of the first scenes showed these funny conical haystacks jammed all together in a field. What I couldn't get past were all the blue flowers sticking out of the hay. Really? I've seen a lot of haystacks but granted mostly going by at 70 mph but I still think I might have noticed if they grew blue flowers.

I could hardly concentrate on the movie (good thing) worrying about this and I even watched the deleted scenes and got an even better view of the haystack flowers. Now that I think about it it would be nice if these were real and not part of a fairy tale movie. I'd slow down to at least 55 mph to look at those.

And imagine how Claude Monet's famous painting could be a lot more colorful.

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Unknown said...

Its wolfsbane stuck into the haystacks to try and keep the werewolf out.