Saturday, January 07, 2012

Christmas tree as memorabilia cache?

It's a snowy evening. Christmas was two weeks ago. I should take down the Christmas decorations.

But like most of you, I hate doing this. Really, it was hard enough to get all the trimmings up. I think I spent the better part of two weeks to get this accomplished and I'm beginning to suspect it may take me that long to put it all away.

I like looking at all the "stuff" on the tree. I treat my tree just as much as a memory box as I do an ornament holder. I have lots of things on there that I like. Here's an old pair of baby stockings made in the late 1800's that a grandparent wore as an infant.
I found these in a box of old family stuff hidden away in a closet where no one ever saw them. So I put them on the tree each Christmas. I've attached a tag to them citing their provenance so my kids won't wonder "where those came from."

I also use keepsakes from important events as ornaments. These are from Sweet Son and Darling Daughter-in-law's wedding 11 years ago. The bird's nest with eggs were on each table, and the bubbles were in a tulle-wrapped bottle with an angel motif.

I also like to remember my awesome brother who died just before Christmas two years ago. I have his photo in a tiny Christmas frame and I like to look at it.  

There are lots of regular ornaments too, some whimsical, a lot shiny, and just plain pretty. The seashell reminds me of all the Mexican beach vacations we've taken over the years.
 I seem to have a thing for flamingos too. Here's a miniature of the big lighted one that lives on my back porch.
I also like to pick up these glass ornaments that are so breakable but so pretty. Here's one of them.
Okay, enough reminiscing. Time to put it all away and be surprised next year when I unpack it all over again! Oh, before it started snowing today I did take down the outdoor lights and reindeer and lighted willow twigs and the wreath and the rope light encircling the porch post...gosh I think I'm too tired and will postpone all this till tomorrow.



Carol said...

Lost Roses? Is that you posting? Three posts this year, already! Wow, welcome back.

I like how you put memorabilia on your tree. I do the same, when I put one up. Absolutely, if you put away the outdoor stuff today, you should wait to do the indoor decoration on another day. Never do them on the same day, it's bad luck!

KC MO Garden Guy said...

I like your idea of a memory tree. Ours is just an regular tree but I am a sentimental person and have lots of stuff with stories about them. It is nice to take a trip down memeory lane once in a while.
Not sure how much I will post this year but hope to do more than last year. I am glad you asked if I was going to. It is nice to be missed!!