Monday, June 21, 2010


I never can remember the name of this rose (I also can't remember to post to my blog). So I've renamed it Shell Pink. Shell Pink is just a regular rose which this year thinks its a tree rose. I rather like that. Any tree rose I've intentionally tried to grow has always died so now I'm pretending that this was on purpose. It smells heavenly.

In the back yard this is as good as it gets for the rambler rose, Paul's Himalayan Musk, which is growing up a pine tree. Not so magnificent but a pretty good show for a rose that's about as big as a half-dollar. I've managed to cram back into the pine branches the wayward canes that slap the lawn-mowing guy across the face. I know he'll appreciate it.

Here's one of my darling grandchildren. He's a month shy of being 4 years old. Of the five of them he was the only one who wanted to help Grammy pull weeds at the back of his house to plant a pumpkin patch. Though he really doesn't look too happy about it here. I was probably hogging the hoe.

His oldest brother (age 8) agreed to water the pumpkin hills every day. Hope he doesn't suffer from forgetfulness like Grammy does.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

What a treat to see your blog pop up on my feed! I have become an infrequent blogger too. Life just gets busy and blogging has taken a back seat for me. I hope all is well with you-
The photo of your grandson on the wall is precious!

LostRoses said...

Thanks, Lynne. It's been awhile but I see you're busy posting about your birding trip. Great read! Sounds like all is well with you, too. Thanks for stopping by!

commonweeder said...

I certainly love the name of your blog. We have saved a couple of roses from cellar holes to keep them from being lost - and planted 70 more to keep them company. We are just about ready for our Annual Rose Viewing.

LostRoses said...

Thanks, commonweeder! I've never saved a lost rose myself but I love the idea that people have the opportunity to do it. 70 roses! Your blog is wonderful...thanks for visiting mine.

Carol said...

Well, isn't this post a pleasant surprise! And I see there is an even newer one. I do love your laid back approach to gardening.

LostRoses said...

Carol, laid-back is a very kind way of defining a lazy gardener. That I am! Thanks for visiting!

Annie in Austin said...

Once the plant is in your garden you get to name it, right? And 'Shell Pink' is easy to spell!

It's always fun to see a post from you, Lost Roses, just in time for your 4th blogiversary

Annie at the Transplantable Rose