Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Couldn't Resist

So the other day I was reading Gardening While Intoxicated posting on Garden Rant and found that Elizabeth, who is a serious gardener, sheepishly admitting to owning a Pink Flamingo. Apparently it’s not her idea to have it in her garden, but she’s been overruled. So when I, a frivolous gardener, stopped at a garage sale Saturday morning and spotted this garish pink metal one that lights up at night, I knew it would be perfect for my back porch.

There really isn’t anything else to say about this, is there?

Except see how brightly it glows at dusk?

Also see how expensive it was? Could I resist this at $4.00? No. Well, maybe I should have!

At Home > Home Accents > Tabletop Accents & Figurines
Seaside Treasures® Animated FlamingoPrice: $69.99, Sale Price: $48.99


Carol said...

Oh, how nice that is! But why hide it in the back? Something like that should really be in the front garden for all to see. ;-)

And $4 is quite the bargain.

Carol at May Deams Gardens

Dawnie said...

Oh, I definitely would have bought that, I think you made off with the deal of the century!! Hmmm, of course, my Mother always tells me, "Sweety, I love your taste, just for YOUR house, not MINE"... that would probably apply to this pink flamingo, huh? Anyways, *I* love it! hehe.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Oh, no, you HAD to buy it. It's wonderful! Good for you! It's wonderful!

Bob said...

I wouldn't want one in my garden, but I love it. Sometimes in life we need to have those paradoxes --- a beautiful garden and flamingo yard art. It's like having a cheeseburger and drinking it with a Diet Cola. One things for sure, When guests come to your garden,I bet you'll get plenty of reactions to it:)
And at 4 dollars---a great bargain.
Here's to celebrating paradoxes.
All the best, BOB

Annie in Austin said...

LostRoses, that was an amazing bargain! They'd have charged a lot more for it in South Austin, where the strings of mini-lights glow on patios all year round. Heck, I'd give you $6 myself.

Annie at the Tranaplantable Rose

jocelyn said...

What great FUN! After all, gardening is a luxury that shouldn't be taken toooo seriously!

Lynne said...

It's fun and silly and I would have bought it too!

LostRoses said...

Carol, You know, you're right! I'm getting ready to hack down the hollyhocks and I'll need something to fill the gap.

Dawnie, your mother is very tactful! I'm going to have to remember that line.

Liza, I've learned at garage sales to buy in haste and regret later (maybe). Usually I haven't paid much to begin with, so few regrets!

Bob, as a cheeseburger and Diet Coke kind of woman, I can appreciate the paradox!

Annie, she told me she kept reducing the price and no one would buy it. That's because I hadn't come along yet! Yeah, I think I would have paid $6.

Joceyln, oh, so true! And it sure does give me a smile.

Lynne, I think we're all in agreement here, aren't we? Besides, I can't ever pass up a garage sale bargain!

chuck b. said...

It's awful--I love it!

I can't stop looking at it.

I'm glad they put lights in the feet too.

Okay, now I'm laughing out loud.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I would have bought it for $4 or $6, too... but it would have promptly shown up on a relative's porch, unexpectedly lighting the way for them to see their front door when they returned home from a night out! :)

kate said...

I think I would have tried out-bidding you for this. Maybe I'd have gone as high as 7$ or maybe 8$ - it is simply a splendid creature ... I especially love the yellow ducky feet.

Marie said...

I've always been VERY opposed to pink flamingos, but for some reason this one is quite appealing. I'm sure I would have gone for it. For $4.00 you can use it until you're bored and then resell it later for $5.00!

Mary said...

I....LOVE....IT. Anything that lights up or sparkles. I couldn't resist, either, Lost Roses. You did good, girl!

LostRoses said...

Chuck, it's so true, isn't it? I keep going to the back door and looking out at it. It's mesmerizing in some weird way.

Blackswamp Girl, now there's another good idea for when I finally get tired of looking at it!

Kate, yeah, what were people thinking, passing that up? I've actually never been in a bidding war at a garage sale, but I've heard that it happens!

Marie, I'll have you know I've already had an offer of $6, maybe as high as $8! I don't understand its appeal either, but undoubtedly it's there!

LostRoses said...

Mary, I can't resist lighted and sparkly either! What's up with that? I think we just like to look at shiny things, kind of like magpies searching out bright objects!

Christine of Epiphany said...

Love it!

Zoey said...


You are cracking me up!

I think I actually like it! My husband always told me that when I got old I would like those plastic lawn ornaments...yours is much better than those and it lights up.

It was a steal for $4!

LostRoses said...

Christine, a good laugh has to be worth $4, right?

Zoey, this is what happens when we go to those garage sales. And that was my thought too when I first saw it - I think I actually like it! Glad you do too. (And your husband is probably right!)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

ROTFL Hurray for the pink flamingo, there should be more of them about!

I can't see how anyone in his or her right mind could possibly resist buying this garden gem for the unbelieveable bargain price of just 4 dollars. ;-)

Long may it glow in the dark and freighten the neighbours!

jodi said...

I too love this. It made me laugh out loud, and anything that makes you laugh out loud, you should have. It's why I have a rainbow-cat hat, and oh yes, my long suffering spouse, too.....bravo to you, Lost Roses!

LostRoses said...

Yolanda, the funny thing is I've done such a good job screening my back porch from the neighbor's view that they haven't seen it yet! I'm hoping it will scare the raccoons away at night.

I'm glad we feel the same way about my bargain purchase!

Jodi, they say any gardener without a sense of humour should take up paint-by-numbers. And I'm not quite ready for that yet, so hats off to the pink flamingo!

A rainbow cat hat? This I have to see!

Bev said...

Love it LR!! It reminds me... I took two of those plastic pink flamingos from my Mom's yard and have planned to paint them a teal color, then cover them with pieces of old junky jewelry that belonged to my Mom. Thought that would be a fun tribute to her.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Oh my, what great garden art :). I love it.

LostRoses said...

Bev, now that's some garden art, great idea! I'm pretty sure it would be one of a kind. At Xmas, I still hang up a wall collage Christmas tree that my mother-in-law made out of old junk jewelry. It's so "her"!

Iowa gardening woman, yes, I agree that "garden art" is the correct terminology for this trashy treasure!

chuck b. said...

It's still here! It's so weird. I'm laughing again!

LostRoses said...

I think I know where to send this when I get sick of looking at it! :)

Dianne said...

I just came here from Zoey's blog and saw a link to mine on yours. Thanks. I'll return the favor and start enjoying your blog too.
$4-only one was left? I'd had bought him a friend! I think it's pretty and I like anything that lights up that well in the dark. I had a set of fake waterlilies that change colors in my hands and put them down as I couldn't find a price. See!

LostRoses said...

Oh, fake waterlilies that change color in your hands? I would so want that! People really should price their stuff.

Thanks for coming by!

EAL said...

I love it!!!!!!!

If mine was like that I wouldn't be the least bit sheepish!

LostRoses said...

Elizabeth, sheesh, I should have sent it to you for Garden Walk! What was I thinking?

Glad you enjoyed this!

Salix Tree said...

Oh how crazy! I love this! I love silly things. My husband and I have always talked of having a sleeze theme with a room opening out to a little garden, both full of garish things. Something like this is perfect!
And anyway, I have always liked pink flamingos and gnomes in peoples gardens, all gardens need to have some sense of fun.

LostRoses said...

Salix, I just can't help that garish streak I have in the garden, it makes me laugh! Today on eBay I noticed a big colorful metal peacock for the garden - his body was a blue gazing globe. Oh, so garish! Okay, I was tempted, but it wasn't cheap enough.