Friday, September 12, 2014


I think these morning glories got zapped during our low temps last night. They were pretty while they lasted but I never got a ton of blooms at once. Late bloomers.

I can only hope these nasty Japanese beetles got zapped too. Japanese beetles in Colorado? A first for me. Good thing I retired in time to drown them in soapy water twice a day. Actually they're quite pretty, but not when they're devouring Graham Thomas.



NanaDiana said...

Oh- I can't stand those "lady bug" masqueraders! Glad you got rid of yours with the soap treatment!

outlawgardener said...

So many bugs, so little soap! My nasturtiums are plagued with aphids which I just sprayed with soap. There are so many of the little buggers. Cold nights already? Yikes! I'm not ready.

LostRoses said...

Nana, they just keep coming. Grandkids call them man- bugs.

Outlaw, when I drown a dozen of them two dozen show up for the funeral! Not ready to let go of summer anymore than the bugs are.

Dee Nash said...

Great photo of the gross Japanese beetles. I saw them for the first time in Oklahoma too. If only they didn't just eat roses. It seems they like many things. I'm sorry you're seeing them too. ~~Dee