Sunday, August 12, 2012

Garage sale garden

I like to troll garage sales for castoff household stuff that I can re-use in my garden, otherwise known as garden kitsch. It doesn't cost much, I can always find a spot for it, and if it breaks (squirrels are responsible for that) I can always find something else to fill in. Here are a few recent finds.
This giant egg is porcelain so putting it on this metal stand is iffy as far as jumping squirrels are concerned, but so far so good.
I love the design on this pot. I couldn't figure out if it should go with my Mexican stuff, my Buddha stuff, or what. I decided it might be Art Deco and that I don't have. It was $2.
Isn't this parrot lamp fabulous? It's all metal, came with a bulb, and it's a 2-way lamp. $5.  Looks fabulous on my Goodwill wicker table. As my 6-year-old grandson said, "Who would SELL that?"
This Mexican pot is huge and I knew I had to have it the second I spotted it. The guy wanted $2. Okay, I said.
Not real sure where these will end up, but for $1 apiece I'm sure I'll find a spot. All metal.
This huge pot came from the same sale as the Mexican pot. I would normally have bargained down the $5 price but I was so happy with the Mexican pot I gladly paid.
And this rattan footstool (also $5) works well on my back porch. I can kick it around to wherever it's needed. I'm glad I live in a cold climate so garage sales will come to an end in a month or so. My yard is big, but not THAT big.

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