Thursday, June 07, 2007

Great expectations

Pretty little thing, isn't it? This is Paul's Himalayan Musk, one of the great rambler roses.

See how tiny this fully opened bloom is in my hand? See how badly I need a manicure? (I think I had once for a wedding in about 1990). See the roses threading their way through to the top of this pine tree?

1990 is about the same year that I planted Paul. I was swept away by Wayside Gardens' description that it was not for the faint of heart. They claimed it produced small, fully double, apple-blossom pink blooms on thin far, so good. They went on to say it blooms in great clusters on this huge rambling rose. Does this look like great clusters? Granted, I probably shouldn't have picked a pine tree for Paul to ramble through. What grows well at the foot of a pine? Vinca, I suppose, but not Paul's Himalayan Musk.

My rose above (at dusk), and Wayside Gardens rose below. Hmm, I see a big difference! Well, it's only been in the ground for 17 years, maybe a few more will do the trick.

Oh well, gardening is all about great expectations, isn't it?


Salix Tree said...

True true! My rose White de Meaux, isn't white anywhere on any of its petals. It's pink.. pretty, but not what I expected.
Well, at least you can admire the few of your Paul's that did bloom, hm?

Zoey said...

lOL, Lostroses.
We've all been taken in by the prettty catalog pictures. Rarely does anything look the same when it blooms in my garden.

My goodness, though, that is a stunner in their picture!

I have pine trees, too and it is hard to get anything to grow well around them.

Christine of Epiphany said...

Hahaha! That's right, it certainly is! Gardening is jus' FULL of surprises, isn't it?

Bev said...

Your site is beautiful! Thanks for the nice comments you left on my Colorado site. I love to hear from other gardeners.

Carol said...

Yes, I see a slight difference, but those are pretty little roses, regardless. I hope they also have a nice scent!

The Pumpkin Faerie said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous rose!

LostRoses said...

Salix, your White de Meaux is a beautiful pink, isn't it? I'll take beauty wherever I can get it, even if only from a few blooms!

Zoey, the funny thing is I always know it's going to look different in my garden and I do it anyway! Kind of like shopping for clothing on the Internet.

Christine, you're so right! That's half the fun.

Bev, you have such a lovely garden and I was so pleased to "meet" another Colorado gardener!

Carol, they're so tiny they're amusing. But they do smell good.

Pumpkin faerie, I think I should have planted it closer to the house so I can see the sweet little things!

Kate said...

Your nails look in much better shape than mine these days! The rose is pretty, but so different from the catalogue's picture. I buy plants thinking that the blooms will be a certain size, only to discover that they are tiny... keep right on doing it though. And yes, it is like internet shopping for clothes!

And there is always next year!

MariaJ said...

Oh this is familiar here too. I ordered one plant from another country cause the internet photo was so stunning, a big pink blossom and what I got....its almost white and not so big at all.... Oh you should see my nails and legs!

Mary said...

At least your fingernails are real... I can't grow them and rely on fake ones.

For everything I plant in my gardens, I always have great expectations. However, 50% of my expectations are met.

That last photo is wonderful, Lost Roses.

LostRoses said...

Kate, the size of that rose was the biggest surprise for me; I think I was so wowed by the overall picture I didn't pay attention to that part. Yes, it's like looking at clothes on models and seeing the reality when they arrive at your house!

Maria, if there's a plant in your lovely garden that didn't live up to expectations, I haven't seen it! And nice fingenails don't seem to go with gardening, do they?

Mary, only 50%? But at least you have nice nails! Yes, that last photo is what made me put down my money!

CountryGirl said...

I don't think I have ever seen such a tiny rose!

Carol said...

It is indeed! Fingers crossed for your tiny rose to grow really big!