Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Brrr! After a long snowy drive home from work this afternoon this is the view outside my living room window. I've already knocked the snow off my first-year Flame Maple tree but it's pretty icy and the branches want to hang down. I'm going to have to do it again before I go to bed. A lot of the leaves in the neighborhood are already off the trees but my 50 feet tall Silver Maples and the Honey Locust have barely started so I'm hoping this storm doesn't bring down any large branches. Looks like I'll be forced to pull out a few plants I've been enjoying till the last minute like the Nicotiana Sylvestris which the snow has flattened. And oh yeah, the ones that are blocking the front walk are going to have to go before the mailman attempts to deliver tomorrow!
The good news is I got some tulip and daffodil bulbs planted last weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing them surrounding the base of the maple tree in the front yard. But that's only if some creature doesn't get them first. As I finished laying mulch over the planted area a mouse went skittering past my feet. I think he was taking notes on where to find something to eat when times get tough. But even if he does get them it can't be as bad as what happened to my friend the neophyte gardener. She planted all her bulbs using bone meal in the holes (I'm too lazy to do that) and as she finished the last few she turned around to see her German Shepherd digging up the first ones. He apparently appreciates bone meal.


Annie in Austin said...

Oh Lost Roses, there may be some intrinsic beauty in that view from your window, but not when one knows it's only the middle of October.

Well, at least you have those lovely bulbs all tucked in ready to put on a spring show. I've stopped using bone meal for similar reasons to your friend's - but it was a raccoon doing the digging, not a dog!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carol said...

LOL sorry I'm still lauging about your friends german sheherd ;-)

So much snow in October doesn't look funny to me at all! *EEK*

Come on LR I invite you over to my rose tea party today. It's warm and cosy here inside and outside. I wanna celebrate that I have finally found an apropriate name for my house and garden and blog! Hope to see you there! x

Pam/Digging said...

My husband was just in Denver on business, and he got snowed on too. He said by the next day it had all melted, but the snow dusting the mountains was so beautiful.

LostRoses said...

Well, Annie, considering the trouble I have with raccoons anyway, it's a good thing I'm too lazy to use bone meal.

Carol, I'm wondering if you even get snow in your fairy-tale garden?

Speaking of fairy tales, Pam, it did look just lovely here. But we are known for our smash-and-grab snowstorms - here today and gone tomorrow!

MariaJ said...

Hello from North-Europe! Oh yes...the winter will be here soon too although it will melt and rain many times before that. Maybe its the same with you climate. I actually hate this time of the season...when its not properly autumn nor winter...I also planted some tulips and daffodills today. Usually I buy new bulbs (tulips) every year.

rusty in miami said...

It lookslike a good ski season this year. Good for us Floridians on our yearly trip to the mountains
Good luck

LostRoses said...

Maria, at this time of year anytime we get rain we can be sure it will turn to snow! No more plain old rain here till next spring.

Rusty, the ski resorts are opening in record time this year. I'm sure it will be a great season! There's enough snow up there now that the hunters are having to found by search-and-rescue!