Friday, September 08, 2006


I was reading Perennial Passion's post which showed a picture of her patio table set for a charming al fresco dinner. Her cobalt blue theme including the wine bottle reminded me of one of my favorite photos I took in Alaska about this time last year. This was a garden outside a bar in Skagway. I thought they were very clever to use all their blue wine bottles in this whimsical way. It sure caught my eye! Here's a link (I hope) to Passion's post.
The pink petunias overflowing a window box in front told me someone was tending more than the bar. Maybe because the skies were overcast for most of the time we were there the flowers looked so brilliant in Alaska. My mind has turned to colder climates because it's so dreary and chilly here. In Colorado today it's jacket weather, and up in the mountains it snowed on the high passes. Doggone it, I miss those hot days of summer ( a couple of weeks ago). Maybe a bottle of wine will help warm me back up.


Carol said...

Beautiful photos!
A whole bottle? I would have a bad headache the next day, that's fpr sure lol
We've been lucky to have had a warm summer day today and a few more to come in the next days. So my neighbour can have her rose tea party in her garden tomorrow afternoon :D

the lone beader said...

Those wine bottles look cool! Thanks for sharing:)

LostRoses said...

LOL Carol, I'm actually a beer drinker, so I settled for a bottle of that!

Lone beader, glad you like the picture, I really thought it was cool!

Anonymous said...

i love blue bottles in the garden.