Sunday, June 25, 2006


I got up too early this morning: 5:15. On weekends I can pop out of bed at the crack of dawn but on workdays there's not a chance of that. Read the paper, decided I was still sleepy and went out to the back porch where I could watch the birds at the feeders and do some dozing. Enjoyed the early morning chill and thought about where to transplant some Nicotiana Sylvestris later.

This is Nicotiana Sylvestris. I love this plant. Much larger than its smaller cousins, it gets about 4 to 5 feet tall in my zone 5 climate. At night it smells heavenly. This spring for the first time I have a zillion baby Sylvestris which need to be transplanted to other areas of my yard. I've never tried to transplant these before so I'll see how it goes.


ElizabethGardens... said...

Hi, Your Nicotania is beautiful. This plant is new to me, I just planted some version and it is blooming nicely in pink pale green and white. It's a great addition to my garden. I was so disappointed to hear about your Paul Himalayan Rose. It's so disheartening to go through all the effort that roses require and then have them fail to bloom as advertised. Looking forward to reading your blog! Elizabeth

LostRoses said...

Thanks Elizabeth, and sounds like you're having good luck with your varieties. How do you like that pale green one? A friend and I were just looking at it online today and thinking it would be the perfect foil for some plant, just couldn't decide which! It's such an unusual color. Actually I have a sedge that would probably compliment it perfectly.

As for Paul's Himalayan Musk, I think that lovely picture of how they should look was taken in England! (or maybe Oregon). Seems they can grow just about anything in those climates.

Thanks for reading my blog, as you can see, it's brand-new. I just discovered garden blogs and now I have an outlet to bore a whole new crowd about gardens. My friends and acquaintances are sick of listening to me!